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Tia Virtual Clinic

Now you can get the same Tia care you know and love from the comfort of your home, via video visits and messaging. You don't have to "choose" between convenience and quality providers you trust. With the Virtual Tia Clinic, you get both.


Our virtual care is different. We know from personal experience that when a urinary tract infection strikes, it strikes — whether you’re at the office or far away on vacation. With the Tia Virtual Clinic, you get personalized, high-quality healthcare from the Tia Care Team you trust wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Our virtual care is not a separate or lesser-than version of in-person care, but a true complement and extension. We’re committed to relationships, not transactions. Across your in-person and virtual care journey, your Tia health record, Care Plan, and patient-provider relationships go with you — online, offline and in-between. You get seamless, smooth, and connected care for the whole you.

How virtual care at Tia is different

Typical Virtual Care
Tia Virtual Clinic
Random providers you'll probably only meet once
The Tia Care Team you know, love, and trust
High-volume "speed-dating" style care
Meaningful face time where you really get to talk
"Robo-medicine" and Rx factories
Personalized, whole person health care
Disconnected from your real world doctor's office
Seamlessly connected with your in-person Tia Care

Distinctly female healthcare reimagined and tailored to you