At the #TiaClinic, get integrated gynecology, primary care and wellness under one roof and one health record.

A “one-stop-shop” for all things female health.

Waitlists go bye-bye

Put me on a waitlist for a restaurant. Not for a Pap smear.

Waitlists go bye-bye

At the #TiaClinic, book same day and same week appointments as easy as yoga classes. And you can chat with your doc just like you chat with your mom.

We’re all about accessible, convenient — and above all else, quality — healthcare for the women of all genders makin’ moves in the world.

If I’m asked when my last period started one more time…

Cycle-Connected Care

At the #TiaClinic, get data-driven Cycle-Connected Care that treats the whole you.

We believe that to be female is to be cyclic. And that your “cycle” is more than your period. From periods and poop to stress and sex, your Tia cycle tracker connects with your doc to paint a comprehensive picture of your health.

Read more about Cycle-Connected Care

Cycle-Connected Care
Premium healthcare for every woman.

They are called “essential benefits” for a reason...

Premium healthcare for every woman.

At the #TiaClinic, we believe every person should have access to best-in-class, personalized healthcare — with transparent prices you know about before they stick that needle in your arm.

Your insurance covers your gyn services (like your annual Pap!) and we waive our membership fees for low-income and vulnerable populations. Last but certainly not least, our doors are open to anyone with a uterus — no matter what you look like, what gender you identify with, or who you love.

Because it’s 2018.

Gimme the deets.

Same-day & week appointments

Chat with your doctor

Seamless prescription refills

Digital test results in human-speak

In-clinic labs

A mobile health record YOU control

Health insurance made simple


Naturopathy & nutrition

Meditation & stress management

Kombucha on tap

Community & events

Become a Founding NYC Tia Clinic Member for as low as $15/month.

Become a Founding NYC Tia Clinic Member for as low as $15/month.

With a Founding Tia Clinic membership, you get exclusive access to:

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Meet a Few of Our
Founding Members

The Clinic Space

Part medical clinic. Part wellness center. And part lady fort.


The Tia Clinic NYC

Opening soon in Flatiron

Meet the Tia Care Team

At the #TiaClinic, get comprehensive female healthcare from best-in-class gynecologists and wellness experts. A one-of-a-kind “multiple tools in the tookit” approach to female health.

Care Team

Leading our in-clinic care team is our Chief Medical Officer. At Tia, the exam room *is* the C-suite.

Dr. Stephanie McClellan,
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Stephanie McClellan is a board-certified OB/GYN with 30+ years of experience founding & managing best-in-class integrative women’s care practices that treat the whole woman.

She is a hormone expert and the author of So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women.

Erica Matluck,
Director of Wellbeing

Erica is a Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, and holistic coach. With over a decade of experience working in conventional and alternative medicine, Erica brings a unique lens to medicine, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic obstacles to health and wellbeing.

A Message from
our Founders

What would healthcare look like if it were designed for women by women? This is the guiding question we’ve been asking ourselves since we first started Tia and set out on a mission to transform healthcare through products, tools — and now, real world healthcare services — that enable every woman to be her own patient advocate.

To change women’s healthcare (like really change, not throw-a-pink-couch-in-a-waiting-room-type-change), we need your help. We need you to co-create this new model along with us. To be our eyes and ears on the ground. To tell us what you love and what desperately needs to change about healthcare today. To help us shape our very first Tia Clinic and define along with us, a new bar for quality care for women everywhere.

So join us. Become a founding Tia Clinic member. And help us prove to the world that women want more. Deserve more. And know how to get it.

Confidently yours,
Carolyn & Felicity

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