The new standard of care for women


At Tia, it all starts with you

For too long, women's voices have been ignored or dismissed. We started Tia to change that. At Tia, women are seen, heard and cared for - and that starts with you.

"Tia is amazing in every way and I feel the the care I receive is superior to all other health services I've experienced. The emphasis on full body health and women is unmatched and I tell everyone I know about Tia!"
"Great people, warm and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, felt taken care of from start to finish and have already recommended Tia to a few friends. So good!"
"The whole experience, start to finish was wonderful! The space is beautiful, my doctor was so attentive, checkin and checkout were so easy."
"The clinic is a beautiful space. my healthcare provider was super genuine and really worked with me and helped me understand the best route for caring for myself. I felt very comfortable and supported."
"Going to Tia was the best experience ever. The staff was attentive and the best part is that they were all women!! I've never like going to the OB/GYN but going to Tia made it more enjoyable and less scary."
"Great attention, from the administrator at the front desk who helped me book an appointment for another day and showed me to a peaceful spot where I could wait. To the provider who was attentive, funny, a good listener and made me feel so at ease."
"My doctor was smart, clear, and respectful. My nurse practitioner was friendly and made a blood draw easy. Front desk was great. And the building was clean and well designed."

At Tia, we do things differently. Get care that is:


Tia is inclusive & welcoming

We welcome our trans and non-binary community.

All gender identities & pronouns will be respected, affirmed & celebrated at Tia. We are a center of clinical excellence for people assigned female at birth. If you are seeking specific care where we lack expertise, we will make referrals to other trusted providers to ensure you get the care you need.

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Our Collaborative Care model

We believe in collaborative, relationship-based care where everyone is in-sync. Rather than one doctor, you get an integrated Care Team that works together to manage your health.


Connected care, reimagined & tailored to you