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Additional Information
Where to find us
We are located on the second floor above Tartine suite 201. There are two buzzers to get into our space. The first is at the gate to the right of Tartine. The second is at the elevator/stairs. You can either take the elevator or the stairs to the 2nd floor. You made it!
Where to park
Please give yourself extra time to find parking and avoid a late arrival! Consider additional time on Wednesdays and Fridays due to street cleaning and limited parking. There is free hourly parking on Hyperion, Sanborn and Effie streets, or metered parking on Sunset Blvd.
When to arrive to the clinic before your appointment
Arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. If you arrive >10 minutes after your appointment time, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Please reach out to your Care Coordinator if you’re running late!

Yes, we take insurance


Out-of-network or paying by cash? Check out our price list for Tia Silver Lake

We believe in transparent pricing to protect you from surprise medical bills. We provide a cash price list for those who are out-of-network or uninsured.

Meet our Silver Lake Care Team

We believe in collaborative, relationship-based care. At Tia, you get an integrated Care Team that works together to manage your health.


Silver Lake loves Tia

"The whole experience, start to finish was wonderful! The space is beautiful, my doctor was so attentive, checkin and checkout were so easy."
"Great space, particularly the waiting room with the nice water options. Everyone from the front desk to the nurse to the doctor were very kind. Great that I was able to get my pap, breast exam, blood labs and flu shot all at once! "
"Going to Tia was the best experience ever. The staff was attentive and the best part is that they were all women!! I've never like going to the OB/GYN but going to Tia made it more enjoyable and less scary "
"Great attention, from the administrator at the front desk who helped me book an appointment for another day and showed me to a peaceful spot where I could wait. To the provider who was attentive, funny, a good listener and made me feel sooooo at ease "
""It was SO amazing! That was the first time I felt like a psychiatrist really listened and understood everything I was saying. I was so used to providers not taking me seriously and I really felt supported and understood! ""
"The environment was beyond inviting. Every single staff member made me feel welcome and at ease. The nurse and doctor that assisted me were very respectful of my anxiety and my needs. I felt valued and very well taken care of. I will 100% recommend Tia to anyone looking for medical assistance. "

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