Care Philosophy

Whole Person Health

The healthcare system was designed for specialties, body parts, and treating sickness. Tia treats the whole you so you can get and stay truly well.

Tia Care Principles

Distinctly female

We believe that every person, regardless of sexuality or gender, deserves the best care. Our expertise is female health. From anatomical and physiological distinctions to biosocial factors to the complexity of a female’s hormonal milieu, female health is fundamentally distinct from male health.

Body literacy

Getting and staying healthy starts with knowing your body inside and out. We believe that being able to articulate what is *normal* and not normal for you is the key to being an empowered patient and demanding the care you deserve. Our tools serve to help every patient be their own best advocate.

Personalized care

We believe that no two patients are the same and that our care model must be individualized and account for the diverse factors that make you *you*. From information to diagnosis to treatment, we replace one-size-fits-all solutions with highly personalized, compassionate care.

Shared decision-making

We believe that with the right information, every person can make informed decisions for their own body and life — better than anyone else. But we also believe that Care Providers have a strategic role to play in guiding decision-making through education, counseling, and transparent dialogue. We build human-centered tools that facilitate shared decision-making and enhance the patient-provider relationship.

Multiple Tools in the Toolkit

Meaningfully improving female health outcomes necessitates “multiple tools in the toolkit.” We take an integrative approach that combines traditional modern medicine with evidence-based wellness modalities that don't just treat disease but also prevent illness.

“The US healthcare system still views women as 'small men' with different reproductive organs. This is absurd and as harmful for women as it is for the healthcare system as a whole.”

—Dr. Stephanie McClellan, Chief Medical Officer

Distinctly female healthcare reimagined and tailored to you