Why we chose Phoenix as our third clinic location

Why we chose Phoenix as our third clinic location

Arizona is facing critical healthcare gaps and Tia can help

By Tia

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Tia is landing in Phoenix, Arizona, a hallmark moment for us to extend Tia's signature whole-person healthcare experience beyond the coasts into a third city. Beginning June 3rd, members in Arizona can join Tia to access virtual care (think mental health appointments, primary care & gynecology) with an in-person clinic opening in Phoenix in fall 2021.

Why Phoenix?

Choosing where to expand next is never easy — we know people everywhere are hungry for more personalized, connected healthcare — however, we knew Tia was uniquely suited to address the significant challenges in Arizona, from severe care gaps in the availability of mental health services to shortages in primary care providers and OB/GYNs. While the Phoenix population has been exploding in recent years, healthcare supply has actually decreased over time, making Arizona one of the most critical healthcare deserts in the country. Some numbers that stood out to us:

  • There is a major primary care shortage in Arizona, with only enough primary care providers to service 40% of the population, contributing to long wait times and access gaps.
  • Arizona is currently ranked 50 out of 50 states in providing access to mental health services. In fact, only 40.3% of Arizona adults with mental illness receive any form of treatment from either the public system or private providers.
  • Over the last decade, while the Arizona population has grown by 9%, the number of OB/GYNs declined by 12%.
  • The U.S. maternal mortality rate is harrowing compared to every other developed country in the world. It's even more grim in Arizona where the maternal mortality rate is 18.8 deaths per 100,000 live births — higher than the national average of 17.4.

It’s not just a numbers game that leads to these care gaps. Despite the clear need for expanded medical access in Arizona, state lawmakers are placing restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare and education. In a state where health access hangs in the balance, the clear need for care motivates us to help fill access gaps and provide compassionate, affirming, options-based reproductive health care to our members, including contraception, STI testing and treatment, support for conditions like endometriosis & PCOS, and more.

A milestone for accessibility

From NYC to LA and now Phoenix, Tia accepts as many insurance plans as possible, which covers core offerings like our signature Whole Health Exam.

In addition, our partnership with Dignity Health in Arizona means that Tia members can more easily access premier specialists and hospitals for care that falls outside our scope. Like everything we do, Tia's Care Team will enable patient choice in referrals to specialty care to ensure members get the highest quality and most convenient care.

Join us!

Tia’s all about collaboration — yes, with our healthcare, but also with our community! We’re looking to you, our new friends in Phoenix, to tell us what you want from your modern medical home. From local artists we can feature in the clinic, to community programming and events you’d like to see, to local healthcare activists and organizations we should uplift and partner with — we’re here to serve, and we can’t wait to meet you!


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