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The Tia Well-Woman

Your annual gynecology and primary care check-ups in one, cohesive *covered-by-your-insurance* experience. The Tia Well-Woman is virtual and in-person to maximize your comfort and convenience.

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At Tia, we do things differently. Get care that is:

Personalized and integrative

We believe that no two patients are the same. From prevention to root-cause diagnosis to lifestyle-centric treatment, our care is tailored to you. With a collaborative Care Team to guide and support your decision-making, we put you in the driver’s seat of your health.

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Virtual and in-person

We offer appointments virtually and in-person so you get care from providers you trust no matter where you are. With Tia, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

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Accessible and affordable

For the price of your monthly streaming subscription, become a Tia member and get perks that go beyond a typical doctor's office — unlimited messaging with your Care Team, same-day appointments, community workshops, and more.

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Our Collaborative Care model

We believe in collaborative, relationship-based care where everyone is in-sync. Rather than one doctor, you get an integrated Care Team that works together to manage your health.

“From the moment I stepped into the clinic until the moment I left, everyone was unbelievably kind and helpful. The check-in process was so smooth, the waiting room was a dream, and my medical assistant and Nurse Practitioners were beyond incredible.”

—Molly, Tia Member

“Tia feels revolutionary because it is. To have medical care where you and your well being are actually prioritized feels like a breath of fresh air. So thankful for Tia.”

—Nicole, Tia Member

“I love the space. I love my healthcare providers. And I love the community and programming!”

—Tanya, Tia Member

Get care from providers
you can trust

From our OB/GYNs to Nurse Practitioners to Acupuncturists to Therapists, we hire the highest quality providers to collaborate on your care.

Let's build something together!

We partner with values-aligned health systems and employers to expand their women's healthcare offerings.

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Reinventing Women’s Health Starts With the Well-Woman
From the Frontlines

Reinventing Women’s Health Starts With the Well-Woman

Meet Julia Hunt, LCSW, Tia Therapist
Faces of Tia

Meet Julia Hunt, LCSW, Tia Therapist

The Tia Clinic is Open Again

The Tia Clinic is Open Again

“Tia’s model is built on the recognition that there is no such thing as *one-size-fits-all* in healthcare.”

—Bérénice Magistretti, Forbes

“It’s a level of care I thought was impossible before I saw it myself.”

—Hannah Smothers, Cosmopolitan

“(Tia) opened its first clinic in New York in March 2019. A little over a year later, the clinic has 3,000 patients and is a one-stop-shop for women, providing multispecialty physicians and evidence-based care providers, such as nutritionists and acupuncture.”

—Christine Hall, Crunchbase

Distinctly female healthcare reimagined and tailored to you