Jessica Horwitz, MPH FNP-C

Chief Clinical Officer, She/her

Jessica brings Tia’s in-person and virtual clinical care to life - leading the clinicians who deliver exceptional care across markets, virtually and in-person, and across clinical disciplines. As a dual clinician-operator, she manages Tia’s clinical team and facilitates a high quality patient and provider experience across the care continuum. Prior to Tia, Jessica ran clinical operations and clinical strategy for Nurx, a digital healthcare company providing contraception, PrEP, sexual health services, and HIV care. Jessica has spent more than 15 years leading clinical care and healthcare strategy for organizations working to improve access to high quality, empowered and human centric care. She is a board certified family nurse practitioner and public health clinician (MPH) by training and has a deep commitment to improving access to care that actually makes people better and re-shaping what healthcare looks and feels like for patients and clinicians.

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