Meet the people reinventing women's healthcare

We are an interdisciplinary team of doctors, researchers, designers, and technologists on a mission to improve female healthcare for all.

Our founders

Carolyn Witte & Felicity Yost

Tia was born out of our own patient experiences, struggling to navigate the healthcare system. Through countless conversations with our digital community, we learned that our experiences were the norm and that all-too-many women lacked the quality care they need and deserve. So, we set out to create Tia and define a new standard of care for female health — designed to make women feel seen, heard, and cared for in a transformative way.

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Meet our leadership

Stephanie McClellan, MD
Chief Medical OfficerView bio
Ariella Willoughby
VP of Retail OperationsView bio
Tom Barnes
VP Payer Strategy & Revenue Cycle ManagementView bio
Allison Ball
Head of DesignView bio
Ari Weiss

Head of Patient TechView bio
Ava Mainieri
Head of Research View bio
Eric Dargelies
Head of EngineeringView bio
Jennifer Lewis
Head of Growth Marketing
Jessica Horwitz
VP Virtual Care & Clinical Operations
Kristin Ryan
Head of Learning and DevelopmentView bio
Julia Marley-Rappoport
Head of Business Operations & StrategyView bio
Laura Ardilla
Head of Virtual Care ProductView bio

Meet the team

Chanell Garcia

Community Relations Manager
Daniel Mooney
Fullstack Developer
Elana Katz
Digital Marketing Manager
Elise Sokolow
Senior Writer
Emily Maldonado
Operations Manager
Jamie Silva
Executive Assistant
Jenny Herzberg

Senior Product Designer
John Donovan

Senior Software Engineer
Joseph Toney

Senior Software Engineer
Kat Yazzie
People Operations Associate
Kate Greenwood
Senior Software Engineer
Katie Keane
Membership Success Associate, She/her

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