Mental Health at Tia

Caring for the whole you includes your mental health because, let's face it, your mind, body, and emotions are all connected. And at Tia, we also know that healing is best done with the support of others. We offer a variety of methods to help you reconnect and feel like your whole self again.

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To treat the whole you, we consider the biological contributions to mental health alongside other integral factors such as mind <> body connection, sleep, nutrition, and more. And because mental health looks and feels different for each person, we look at how your hormonal state can affect immune function, brain function, and, of course, moods and mental well-being.

At Tia, we believe that taking care of your mental health, (and of its accompanying emotions and physical feelings), is an ongoing practice. Wherever you are in your life, whether you’re experiencing a period of sadness, navigating a complex life transition, or you’re doing great and want tools to grow mightier, we take a tailored approach to support you in making shifts that can lead to big differences. We consider all the nuances of your identity to develop personalized mental health plans that connect and enhance your physical health. With Tia, it’s all connected.

Your brain does operate in a silo, disconnected from your body or the world. Because the brain and the body are not separate units but one integrated system, our bodies also respond to the way we think, feel, and act. And emotions involve the release of neurochemicals in the brain in response to a stimulus. For example, when you see someone you love, your brain releases chemicals that trigger a cascade of physical changes — your heart rate and blood pressure rise, stress hormones are released into your bloodstream, and your stomach drops. Every emotional reaction is felt within the body.

Emotions are instantaneous, whole-body reactions and they’re happening all the time. This is, unfortunately, even more pronounced when

Did you know?

Women ages 18 to 44 are more likely than men to develop a mental illness and twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety disorder.

experiencing distressing emotions. When we feel angry we may also experience nausea, shaking, sweating, and even heart palpitations. Or when we feel stressed or frustrated, we may actually also feel it in our gut or skin. It is just as much a bodily burden as a broken bone or a serious physical illness.

At Tia we understand that our physical health is linked to our emotional wellness, which is why we care for both in tandem. At Tia, you’ll have a Care Team that includes licensed clinical therapists who provide support and work together with primary care physicians and psychiatric specialists who are trained to diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and more. At Tia, you’re not in it alone, and we’re here to help you find your unique path to mental wellness.

Mental Health at Tia is different

Typical Mental Healthcare
One office for therapy and another for meds
Comprehensive suite of services to support your mental health and mental health medication all-in-one
Expensive and confusing to navigate
Affordable and accessible pricing
Focused on your mental health alone
Integrated care for your mental, physical, and emotional health
Experience is siloed and isolating
Community driven with like-minded women
Focused on a specific diagnosis or life stage
Supportive of many life stages, events, and circumstances and tailored to your needs

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