Mental Health at Tia

Caring for the whole you includes your mental health because, let's face it, your mind, body, and emotions are all connected. And at Tia, we also know that healing is best done with the support of others. We offer a variety of methods to help you reconnect and feel like your whole self again.

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Caring for the Whole You

Since the dawn of time, women have been caring for others. We are the support system. But constantly managing the needs and expectations of others has taken a toll on our own mental health. It’s no wonder we’re experiencing anxiety and depression at 2-3 times the rate of men.

At Tia, we're creating a new model of care for women's mental health — one that connects mental health and physical health, together — caring for the whole you. Isn't it time you received the same level of care you give to others? Come experience what caring for yourself can feel like.


And yes, we take insurance!

We take insurance for some mental health services, such as the Whole Health Exam and Mental Health Assessment. Wellness-oriented non-clinical mental health services like Groups are not covered by insurance. Contact your care coordinator before your appointment to confirm benefits.

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Mental Health at Tia is different

Typical Mental Health
Mental Health at Tia
"One size fits all" care designed for men
A sex-specific approach to mental health diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, backed by science
Experience that is lonely & isolating
Group programming that builds connection among women like me with shared lived experiences, health challenges, and identities
Focused on your mental health alone
Mental health that is connected to your physical health, treating the whole person
Expensive & confusing to navigate
Many options to get started based on your needs, preferences, and a care team that collaborates on your care plan
Quick fixes or "band-aids" that treat symptoms
Treatment for the root causes of your mental health symptoms & a personalized plan to help you feel better

Meet your Mental Health Care Team

Our collaborative care team of mental health professionals, primary care providers, psychiatrists, and acupuncturists are ready to help you feel better.


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