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Get comprehensive care to support your physical, mental, and emotional health so you can get and stay truly well.

Integrative care for the whole you


Sexual and reproductive health that's more comfortable and less judgmental. From routine Paps to surgeries to difficult-to-diagnose hormonal disorders, we deliver the highest quality gynecological care.

Offered at: Tia Flatiron, Tia Virtual Clinic

Primary Care

There is no need to have a separate Primary Care Provider! We treat your acute care needs, support chronic condition management, and facilitate referrals to top specialists when needed.

Offered at: Tia Flatiron, Tia Virtual Clinic

Mental Health

We believe that women's health is mental health and mental health is women's health. We offer talk therapy and medication support for anxiety, depression, and stress management.

Offered at: Tia Virtual Clinic


This science-backed Traditional Chinese Medicine practice creates biochemical and physiological effects powerful for both prevention and treatment of common women's health conditions — helping to ease pain, improve immune function, and promote healing.

Offered at: Tia Flatiron

Distinctly female healthcare reimagined and tailored to you