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We are on a mission to help every woman make independent and informed decisions for her own body & life — with confidence. Our principles guide how and why we do what we do:

For women by women

People with vaginas have fundamentally different healthcare needs than people who don’t. From anatomical and physiological distinctions that impact how we experience symptoms and react to medications, to biosocial factors that affect how we articulate our pain, the differences are widespread. We build products, tools and services distinctly through the lens of the unique and beautiful female experience.

Body literacy

Getting and staying healthy starts with knowing your body inside in out. We believe that being able to articulate what’s “normal” and not normal for you is the key to being an empowered patient and demanding the care you deserve. Our tools serve to help every woman be her own patient advocate.

Personalized care

We believe that no two women are the same, and that our care model must be individualized and account for the diverse physiological and biosocial factors that make up a given user or patient. From information to diagnosis to treatment, we aim to replace one-size-fits-all solutions with highly personalized, compassionate care.

Multiple tools in the toolkit

Meaningfully improving women’s health outcomes requires “multiple tools in the toolkit,” blending diverse disciplines and medicinal philosophies under one roof, one health record and one mission. We take an integrated approach that combines allopathic medicine with naturopathy, nutrition, and more to evaluate and treat a woman as a whole, and not a disparate set of body parts or ailments.

Shared decision-making

We believe that with the right information, each and every woman can make informed decisions for her own body and life — better than anyone else. But we also believe that providers have a strategic role to play in helping guide decision-making — through the sharing of health data and transparent, open dialogue. We aim to build human-centered tools that facilitate shared decision-making and enhance the patient-provider relationship.