Let's transform women's health together

Architecting a new model of healthcare requires building bridges, not walls. Join forces to extend Tia’s distinctly female model of care to women everywhere.

What makes Tia unique

A one-stop shop

We fuse gynecology, primary care, mental health, and evidence-based wellness into a singular care model that's accessible through in-person and virtual appointments. We take a whole-person approach, emphasizing lifestyle and prevention to support acute care needs, chronic conditions, and wellness.

Seamless and convenient

The Tia Platform links patients and providers across the care continuum, providing care in person, virtually, and in the moments in between. From easy-to-use appointment booking to insurance validation to improved clinic workflow, our technology makes healthcare more convenient, collaborative, and connected.

A collaborative model that
reduces costs

Tia delivers the high-touch, team-based care women want through, while preventing provider burnout and reducing costs. With collaborative care tools that connect both patients and providers, and providers with providers, Tia makes healthcare a more seamless experience for everyone.

An experience that patients
and providers love

With Tia, no detail is too small. From our female-specific health record to patient gowns to community programming and events, the Tia experience is designed end-to-end and inside-and-out for patients and providers.

Ways to partner with Tia

Partner clinics

We partner with select values-aligned health systems to bring Tia care to women nationwide.

Virtual & in-person care

Our partners can offer Tia Care both virtually and in person.

Employee benefits

We partner with employers to deliver affordable, quality female healthcare tailored to the needs of your employees.

Interested in partnering?