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Leading health systems partner with Tia to expand access to comprehensive primary care for women

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Meet Tia: a medical home that defragments healthcare for women


Tia partners with leading health systems


The results speak for themselves

75% of patients did not have a PCP joining Tia

Across markets, Tia attracts “medical orphans” - women in their peak reproductive years who do not have an established relationship with a PCP or OB-GYN and are new patients to the healthcare system.

85 Patient Net Promoter Score

Tia makes patients feel seen, heard, and cared for in outsized ways, contributing to the highest patient satisfaction scores in the industry.

100% Quality Metrics Met or Exceeded

Tia meets or exceeds HEDIS Measures (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and information Se) across all key performance metrics - from cancer to heart disease, smoking, diabetes, and depression – all while improving quality of life for our patients.

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