Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tia

We’re passionate about making Tia a place where each individual — patient, provider & employee — is empowered to be and care for their whole selves.

Tia was founded with the mission to change the paradigm of modern women’s healthcare — to make healthcare higher-quality & more accessible for all women.


Who is Tia for?

Tia is for all women. Not all women have the same biochemical or physical makeup. We are center of clinical excellence for people assigned female at birth. Trans and nonbinary people are welcome at Tia but we’d be doing a disservice to claim that we are a center of excellence for transgender care or care for people assigned male at birth. No matter what, all gender identities & pronouns will be respected, affirmed & celebrated at Tia.

What we're doing now

We prioritize reaching a diverse pool of candidates and provide diverse representation on every interview panel.

We make digital and physical products that actively recognize & celebrate identity as a core tenet of personalized care.

We provide company-wide training sessions to cover topics like Black maternal mortality & micro-aggressions.

We produce educational content & events investigating racism, discrimination & inequity within health and wellness.

We offer low-income membership waivers to help remove access barriers to Tia Care. Learn more here.

We make Tia an inclusive workplace by valuing all voices in decision-making and offering benefits like Paid Family Leave.

The Tia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council

To help us keep accountable and really push the envelope, we've put together a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council made up of experts and the Tia community to advise on everything from clinical standards to research agendas to new technologies and so much more.


We need you!

We're inviting one Tia member to beto be an active member of Tia's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Counsel. Yup, that's right — an opportunity to shape the future of healthcare!

Tia Tackles Tia

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