Getting Quality Healthcare, Even During COVID-19 | Tia

Getting Quality Healthcare, Even During COVID-19 | Tia

Getting coverage in the coronavirus climate.

By Tia

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At Tia, we know the ramifications of the current coronavirus outbreak stretch far beyond healthcare. The economic implications reveal widening income divides and inequality, which ultimately feed into one another perpetuating a cycle that is truly broken. Tia cannot feign expertise in economics, but we do know that the repercussions of losing a job or income directly threaten a person’s access to healthcare coverage.

Healthcare coverage is already problematic for a bevy of reasons and within this current climate, need and lack of availability are both exacerbated. With laws and headlines changing at the speed of light, Tia is here to guide you through exactly what you can do to get coverage now. We’ve created a resource to help you get healthcare coverage no matter your current circumstances — with confidence.