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👋 Hey Raina!
Sorry to hear you’re suffering from ‘knives-in-your-uterus’ type cramps 😔
Research shows this is a common side effect of your otherwise 💣.com copper IUD.
Good to know, but WTF can I do about it?
Here are a few #TiaTips to help relieve that pain:

Get Smart with #TiaTalks

No more Googling your health. Get private answers to all your top q’s with equal parts sass & science.

Connect to Care

Know when you need to (and don’t need to) go to the doctor.

Looks like you’ve reported severe headaches several cycles in a row 😰
I’d recommend you chat with a doc to best assess what might be goin’ on.
Can I help you find a doctor nearby?
Yes please! 🙏